Segond von Banchet


7. Andre Segond de Banchet

From the papers I've got I know that Andre Segond de Banchet had 2 brothers one was a Conseiller au Parlement and the other was a commander of an batallion. He was in prison together with Marechal de Tallard after the Battle of Blenheim against the Duke of Marlborough. Marechal de Tallard wrote about Segond in his memoires.

Marie Francoise De Maffei

Relative of Scipione De Maffei.

Marchese Francesco Scipione Maffei

Italian littérateur and archaeologist, b. at Verona, 1 June, 1675; d. there, 11 Feb.,
1755. He sprang from an ancient and illustrious family which came originally from
Bologna; his brother was General Alessandro Maffei, whose "Memoirs" he

and niece of Cardinal Maffeo Barberini Pope Urban VIII